Petra Polakovicova

Wine Director, EPIC Steak

Petra Polakovicova has a passion for the hospitality industry! She moved to San Francisco from Slovakia, Europe, when she was 18 years old. She had her first taste of American restaurants while working as a food runner at the illustrious Palace Hotel.

Petra’s passion for wine was love at first sight. Living close to Napa Valley provided her with an opportunity to visit many wineries and discover a variety of styles. Working with great Sommeliers and their award winning wine lists has always been a great source of education and inspiration for her. Her desires to be formally accomplished in the wine profession eventually lead her to attend the Professional Culinary Institute and become a Certified Sommelier in 2007. Following her certification she joined EPIC Steak’s opening team, as an Assistant Sommelier.

In June 2009 she became the Wine Director at EPIC Steak. She is responsible for every aspect of Epic’s wine program, delighting in employee education and the discovery of new and exciting selections for the list. She is pleased to oversee the bottling EPIC’s own vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, partnering with winemaker Celia Welch from Napa Valley. It has become a tradition that the entire EPIC staff participates in - bottling all the cases by hand. It is always a fun day filling the bottles, inserting the corks, putting on the labels and finally transporting the wine to EPIC’s cellar in San Francisco.

Petra continues with her own education under mentorships from several Master Sommeliers. Currently she is preparing for the WSET Advanced Certification, followed by the challenging Advanced Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers.