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Kuleto, who has designed more than 100 restaurants - including San Francisco's Boulevard, Farallon and Jardiniere - focuses on every detail, such as the massive pipes that looked chipped but were specially manufactured for the restaurant, and the huge rusted-metal fireplace that completes the industrial feel of this 120-seat interior. The restaurant also includes a handsome 35-seat lounge on the mezzanine, an outdoor space overlooking the waterfront for 65 and a private room for 60.

At Epic, Kuleto is trying to echo the past and form a relationship between it and Waterbar a few yards south. (Waterbar opened at the same time; I'll review it next week.) It's his interpretation of how the water pump station might have helped save the city during the 1906 earthquake, while Waterbar, with its two circular 1,500-gallon floor-to-ceiling fish tanks, would have been the "distribution center."

The staff can explain all this, but it might have been nicer to have a cleaner look and let the scenic attributes carry the design. To see the moon ascend over the Bay Bridge while sitting at one of the crystal-set tables with comfortable leather chairs makes everything else seem like distracting window dressing.



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Blending stunning bay views, award-winning design, a historical and cultural foundation, and delicious, innovative contemporary steakhouse cuisine, EPIC Roasthouse is a unique addition to San Francisco’s culinary landscape. 

Pat Kuleto’s unique design for EPIC features a custom-built wood-fired grill and a large wood-burning oven, along with a spectacular fireplace, which serve as the restaurant’s focal points. 

EPIC Roasthouse is led by acclaimed Executive Chef and Partner Parke Ulrich. Renowned for his elegant treatment of seafood at Waterbar, Ulrich utilizes similar techniques on meat, creating preparations with a focus on simplicity and flavor.

EPIC Roasthouse goes beyond the traditional steakhouse experience, reflecting the diversity of the city of San Francisco, with innovative cuisine that offers exciting, yet fundamentally sound, preparations of steaks, meats, game, poultry, seafood, and lighter fare. EPIC features a lush outdoor patio with dramatic views of the waterfront and the Bay Bridge, perfect for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.   



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Chef Ulrich places an emphasis on his passion for excellence and dedicated advocacy of sustainably-sourced meat and seafood, along with organically-grown produce. 

Ulrich’s menu features modern interpretations of traditional steakhouse favorites, drawing inspiration from different preparations of meat from around the world. 

Drawing on San Francisco’s international influences, Chef Ulrich melds clean and lighter cooking techniques alongside decadent traditional steakhouse ideals to give diners a truly unique and inspired experience. 

EPIC Roasthouse’s expanded selection of prime steaks includes a 28 oz. Dry Aged Cote De Boeuf (for two) procured by Bryan Flannery, offered for $102, and the “Epic Meal for Two” featuring a 32 oz. Tomahawk Ribsteak and 2 lb. Maine Lobster, offered to guests for $198 with the choice to add a half bottle of wine chosen by the sommelier for $63.