Executive Pastry Chef, EPIC Steak

Sarah Principe’s love for culinary arts has deeply rooted ties that stem from generations of culinary professionals within her own family. Her Great Uncle was owner and chef of a restaurant in Modesto, CA, where her Grandfather worked alongside his brother bringing his own baking expertise into the mix. His pies become famous throughout the community and the family neighborhood, so famous in fact that people still speak of them to this day. Her love for baking was cultivated within the home, she learned the secrets of the trade not only from her Grandfather, but from the women of the family as they would gather around the kitchen to bake, and cook every holiday season. She also gained experience and exposure from an unlikely source, her neighbor, who was an active participant in Modesto’s Greek Festival, introduced Sarah to an array of richly flavored baked goods and even shared some recipes with her.

Sarah’s desire and passion to bake and turn a hobby into a profession led her to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she attended the California Culinary Academy.

Upon graduating from the Culinary Academy, Sarah worked to build up her resume at several fine dining restaurants. After a few years of experience in the restaurant business, an opportunity to work at the Waterbar presented itself and she gladly took it. Since June of 2009 Sarah has worked under the then Executive Pastry chef of Farallon and Waterbar, Emily Luchetti. This opportunity afforded her the experience to work with seasonal organic produce and to learn the dynamics of sharing ideas and creations with a team. Sarah’s role at Waterbar grew very quickly, in late 2010 she was promoted to Pastry Sous Chef and continued to run the pastry department until May of 2012.

She then made the decision to take some time off to start a family as this was very important to her and her husband, but she still held strong to her love for being in the kitchen. After a brief break, she rejoined the Waterbar family as a strong leader in the pastry department.

Sarah is now excited to continue her journey in the restaurant industry alongside Parke Ulrich, where she can showcase and share her passion for desserts to everyone that comes through the doors of Epic Steak.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and son and can never get enough of baking in her life as she enjoys baking decorative cakes from home.